Dinner menu 30.10.2021


  • French oignon soup gratinated with cheese and bread
  • Our smoked salmon, green asparagus / wine pairing: Cuvée Nebespán, Ryzlink vlašský, Pálava. CZE 100 CZK / 1 dcl  bezlepkové jídlo
  • Goose liver paté (mousse) with cranberries marmalade / wine pairing: Zweigelt, Aichinger Kamptal, Austria 110 CZK / 1 dcl  bezlepkové jídlo
  • Our foie gras with gingerbread / wine pairing: Weissburgunder, Aichinger, Kamptal Austria 110 Kč / 1 dcl. Supplement: 180 Kč


  • Veal filet medaillons with Sumava mountains boletus and cream (served in bowl baked with puff pastry), baby potatoes / wine pairing: Morellino Alborense, Tuscany, Italy 120 CZK / 1 dcl
  • Tiger shrimps with leek fondue a sauce coconut-curry / wine pairing: Riesling Aichinger, Kamptal, Austria100 CZK / 1 dcl  bezlepkové jídlo
  • Risotto with pistachio pesto and olive oil / wine pairing: Grüner Veltliner Aichinger, Kamptal, Austria 100 CZK / 1 dcl  bezlepkové jídlo  vegetariánské jídlo

Desserts / cheese

  • Blackcurrant sorbet with our egg liqueur  bezlepkové jídlo  vegetariánské jídlo
  • Tiramisu  vegetariánské jídlo
  • Cheese selection with our orange marmalade  vegetariánské jídlo